Let Your Jira Data Work Harder

Don't settle JIRA's data tools, we know they're rough, it's a tool for developers first, not high performing managers. Performing at your level requires rapid-fire and acurate data to ensure you and your team can make the best possible choices.

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Decide Faster

The data you need to make decisions

JIRA Overall Statistics, Zephyr Test Results, Stale Ticket Reports, and More

Manual Test Management

Effortlessly connect with JIRA, Zephyr, and more to access comprehensive test results, ensuring you're always informed. Accurately identify your project's contraints or simply print your test instructions to enhance stakeholder satisfaction.

Share Data Quickly

Keep stakeholders and staff informed and engaged with easy to build project updates, ensuring a unified understanding across all levels. Foster a collaborative environment where stakeholders and team members are aligned and proactive.

Keep Your Team Moving

Legacy users, from banks to mom-and-pop stores, have one thing in common: they love the tactile feeling of paper. JIRA and Zephyr can get in the way of that. Still, we have the solution to keep your legacy users happy and testing moving forward.


Vendor Instance? No Problem.

Our tools utilize secure tokens for accessing your JIRA and Zephyr data. If your user has access to the information we can make help make it work.

Cloud Data
Keep your team informated and up to date with real time data and insights.
Secure Access.
Access tokens allow secure access to your JIRA and Zephyr data lakes.
Real Time Data
No delays to manually download another spreadsheet, it's live.
Identity Management
Comprehensive data logging to ensure integrity and trust.
Powerful API.
Subscribers can access our custom API to integrate with other systems and tools.
High Availability
Guaraunteed uptime will help ensure your project runs smoothly.


Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Choose a plan based on your user adn reporting needs.


Most popular

A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.

$500 /month

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  • Up to 20 Users
  • Tailored Reporting
  • Custom API Access
  • 24-hour support
  • Printable Test Scenarios


Dedicated support and infrastructure for your company.

$2500 /month

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  • Unlimited Users
  • White Labeled Reporting
  • Advanced API and Data Access
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Automation Triggers
  • Advanced Reporting tools

Boost your data game.
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